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The following list looks at 10 WWE couples who have announced that they are together over the past few years, but it's unlikely that they will last. We also have 5 couples that seem to have everything they need to move forward and create a lasting relationship both inside and outside of the ring. It was only recently revealed that Xavier Woods was in a relationship, but that was because he was part of Paige's tape scandal last spring.

Woods wife Jessica Watson removed all traces of herself from social media after the whole scandal and hasn't returned since.

2) Booker T and Sharmell

Watson gave birth to the couple's first child last year but there are no images of Xavier with his son online and it seems that the couple has found it hard to move past the situation that was created after Paige was hacked during her hiatus from WWE at the beginning of Scurll has a bright future ahead of him and he could be heading over to the WWE in the near future and we all know how the travel schedule with WWE goes, which could be why many couples haven't made it outside of the company.

There are so many couples who have tried to remain together despite their partner being on the road for days a year and once Scurll joins WWE, it could be impossible for him to be able to make his relationship work with Deonna. The couple has been together for a while but has been able to keep their relationship under wraps.

Working together for the same company can only strengthen the relationship between these two stars, who aren't seen as the biggest stars in the company right now by any stretch of the imagination. However, they could go on to be two huge stars in the coming years. The fact that they have managed to keep their relationship and their engagement under wraps over the past few months shows that this couple doesn't live for the public reaction that many stars long for, which is a good sign.

Kassius Ohno and Rachael Ellering have been dating for the past few months and it seems that their relationship began to blossom while they were both part of the NXT roster. Rachael has since returned to the Independent Circuit without her boyfriend, who continues to wrestle for NXT. Even though the NXT travelling schedule is not as bad as the company's main roster, it is thought that when Ohno is finally promoted to the main roster, this will put a huge strain on their relationship.

Even though no one wants to get on the wrong side of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, it wouldn't be the first relationship to fall at the hurdle of long-distance dating. They were together up until the spring of when it was revealed that Wyatt was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman and his wife then filed for divorce. The couple has since had a number of issues coming to a settlement and his ex-wife continues to cause problems for him online by attempting to come between him and his new woman. JoJo and Bray haven't confirmed their relationship publicly and it seems that both stars were unimpressed that Samantha revealed it for them.

They are perhaps one of the most mismatched couples that WWE has ever created. Montez Ford also performs for NXT and is one half of the Street Profits, a duo who are expected to become Champions in the near future. Bianca and Montez have been engaged since the summer of and have both pushed their careers forward over the past few years.

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy's relationship began in NXT as well and they are also currently engaged so it seems that this could be a good foundation. It seems that Liv was looking for a rebound and the British star was the perfect person for her to turn to while she was still gaining attention from her break-up. The couple hasn't been spotted together for a while and it is unknown if they are still together.

Maybe this was just a rebound for Liv, who has since been promoted to the main roster. Chelsea is a former Impact Wrestling star and it seems that her and Zack's relationship has been cute over the past few months. However, when Zack jokingly proposed to his girlfriend on Twitter last year and the media picked it up as a real thing, Ryder was completely outraged by it.

Does that mean that he isn't ready to pop the question or that there are no plans for the couple to become that serious in the near future? Either way, Ryder managed to quickly break up and move on from Emma last year so there isn't much there to stop him from doing it again. The couple has kept their relationship as secret as possible over the past few months but with MMA and WWE's relationship becoming much closer recently, it's highly likely that there will be a number of other MMA stars making the switch over the next few years.

The couple has already been able to overcome the fact that Becky is on the road a lot and Luke has quite a demanding profession, which means that it can only be plain sailing moving forward. While many fans thought that Becky Lynch and Finn Balor would end up as a couple because Balor was the one who trained Lynch, it seems that unlike WWE, Lynch's personal life wasn't that predictable since the star has decided to date outside of the WWE roster instead.

Finn Balor has been WWE's most eligible bachelor since he first came to the company back in , but it seems that he was finally taken off the market last year when images of the former Universal Champion holding hands with WWE social media correspondent Cathy Kelley were leaked online. While this isn't a huge problem right now, it could turn into one in the future.

Paige is someone who definitely has a storied relationship history, which includes relationships with a number of musicians, so it didn't come as much of a surprise when the former Divas Champion revealed that she was in a relationship with Kalan Blehm last week. Paige recently got out of a long-term relationship with Alberto Del Rio, which gained her worldwide publicity and caused both stars a lot of problems. Paige herself said that she wanted to remain single for a while after the break up last fall, but it seems that she has once again ran headlong into a relationship that wasn't meant to last.

Paige was once a star of Total Divas where she was able to show how little she thought of her boyfriends, where she accepted her ex Brad's proposal of marriage even though she wanted to break up. Her dating history makes this relationship a recipe for disaster. Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce met during their time in NXT and only publically revealed that they were in a relationship last year. The duo both have bright futures ahead of them despite the obvious age gap and it seems that Dillinger has helped Royce in the ring over the past few years.

Dillinger hasn't been used very well on the main roster recently, but it is rumoured that Royce will be joining him on SmackDown Live in the next few months since she and her iconic duo partner Billie Kay are destined for a main roster call-up.

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She is a ring rar [sic] as we call it. She sleeps with just about every person who walks in the door here and has slept with trainers, higher ups, wrestlers and whoever else she can get her hands on. I have heard nasty stories I refuse to share. She is cute and nice but is a total slore. We all know how stories can be exaggerated very easily, and for her part, Bliss hasn't addressed the rumors.

At least according to his ex-wife Samantha Rotuna, the former WWE Championship holder walked out on his family, which includes two kids aged four and six, to start a relationship with the year-old WWE announcer. With the couple recently being sidelined due to the same viral infection, one assumes that their hooking up has now evolved into a serious relationship. Neither has commented on this rumor, but it seems to be a rumor that just never goes away. In what is truly one of the more bizarre rumors out there, one prevailing theory as to why Rosa Mendes was employed by WWE for so long despite never being a good wrestler is that she had an ongoing fling with WWE agent Michael Hayes, who has quite a bit of pull backstage.

Things took an ugly turn in , when Rosa was sent home by the company for "personal reasons". The reason came to light, as Hayes was apparently caught drinking with Rosa at a bar, when she was known to have been battling an addiction problem. Hayes in turn was suspended as well for enabling her addiction and the rumors about a relationship seemed to take off.

Nowadays, Rosa is a retired mother, and married with the father of her baby.

Incidentally, there are even stories of Jake Roberts and Bret Hart finding them both in compromising positions, so this rumored hook-up has some more legs to it than most other ridiculous WWE hook-up rumours. According to the grapevine, his hooking up with The Genetically Superior Athlete was one of the biggest reasons why his marriage to supermodel ex-wife Angela Velkei began falling apart. Was this what Orton and Wyatt's feud in was all about? In all seriousness, shortly after Orton's divorce from his first wife Samantha, some images began circulating online of Orton getting awfully close to JoJo, who was just breaking into WWE at the time and very much a rookie to the wrestling business.

If Orton and JoJo did in fact date, it appeared not to have lasted long, as Orton quickly met his now-wife Kimberley Kessler, and the two moved on to marriage fairly quickly.

As for JoJo, she still seems to have an active relationship with Wyatt. His ex-wife even accused Bray of skimping out on child support payments to buy JoJo jewelry. We might not have ever known about this hook-up had it not been for former WWE employee Kenny Dykstra. However, there's one rumored relationship that seems to largely be overlooked.

Kurt Angle has finally become a person young wrestlers can look up to. While his then-wife Karen Angle was staying at home, he slept around, with Jacqueline and Dawn Marie said to be his on-road girlfriends at various time periods. This is easily one of the saddest hook-ups on this list. With the WWE writers creating a love angle of sorts between Batista and Melina, the two ended up hooking up with each other as most wrestling talents who share television time together do.

While this scenario sounds perfectly normal, the fact that they both were romantically linked to different people at that point makes this hook-up rather immoral. However, what makes this truly sad is the aftermath of this hook-up. Both men are either married or engaged to beautiful women today, while semi-retired Melina is on the cusp of becoming a crazy cat lady. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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John Cena & Nikki Bella

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We do not collect any other type of personal data. Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. Other times, though, the relationship is something that is never acknowledged on WWE programming, and so you may be surprised to learn that two superstars who usually never cross paths are actually dating. After all, when Cena recently proposed to Bella at WrestleMania, it made headlines everywhere and was one of the most talked about moments from the entire show. Cena and Bella have been dating since Nikki Bella has talked about the fact that in some ways, dating John Cena has actually made her life more difficult because people always presume that she is dating him just to get ahead in the WWE.

Cena had previously said that he did not want to have children with Nikki Bella, but it appears that he has since changed his mind.

Almost 7 yrs ago!! Who would of thought these two were going to get married and bring a baby into the world together!!! A post shared by Brie Bella thebriebella on Apr 27, at 7: They started dating shortly after having a storyline together in which they were dating within kayfabe. Every time I look into your eyes, I immediately feel comfort. Bella and Bryan are about to have a child, a baby girl who was due earlier this week but who is a few days late. They say they plan to have two children. We have since learned that the relationship began in October We were always talking to each other.

We were always spending all of our time together.

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It just kind of happened. Young and Ambrose just recently got married.

Have you guys been drinking? Solow is not someone that most WWE viewers will know very well; he performs primarily on the independent circuit, but he has also worked with the WWE, serving as an alternate during the Cruiserweight Classic.