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Those are some quite heartening stats.

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A hoaxer used fake photos to pretend to be an eligible man, fooling two women along the way. An OK Cupid survey in found that most of its subscribers had lied about everything from their height to their income.

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Our own survey found that one in five online daters have been asked for money by someone they were contacting, and two in five have stumbled across fake profiles. Different websites have different policies, so make sure to check out all the details on your dating site in order to dob in the naughty scammers.

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To save yourself from scammers, be cautious of anyone who quickly asks to talk on an outside email or messaging service, or who disappears from the site and you suspect has reappeared under a different name. You should also be careful not to click on any links within an email, as it you could be falling for an online phishing scam. For more tips, see our guide on protecting yourself on dating websites.

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Are you a member of a dating website? Have you ever come across any fake profiles or other problems?

The sites, themselves are impersonal. They offer a service — matching data probably to a computerised formula and they get a revenue from subscribers. The emotional aspect is very much down to those who seek the company of others in this way.

Smooth radio dating phone number. 10 Top Online Dating Profile Examples & Why They’re Successfull.

Perhaps, too, there is a vulnerability here, as those who seek hope to find and must have thought seriously about it before subscribing. Sadly, those who invade and deceive for financial gain of one sort or another, are amoral beings who have no scruples. They need to be identified and, if the law does not cover such cruel behaviour, then it is time it was changed to do just that. Of course, those who embelish in the hope of improving their chances of a match, have only themselves to blame if it all goes wrong.

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They, also, can disappoint more genuine seekers with their white lies. I never subscribed at any time even though life is not full of Roses being Divorced;without any partner and 62years old no close family and only very light drinker;I had enough to sink a Battleship when I was young.

When one is young its easy to find a friend partner when one is older unless you go Church its extremely hard and I will not go to any church because religion in my opion It causes too many wars. There are millions of older people like me but not brave enough to admit it.

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Considering that the success of the report depends on following the right procedure for every social networking website, here Nowadays, most of our devices have built-in cameras: This has created a new privacy breach that most people are not aware of. It's not paranoia; hackers can be using your digital cameras to spy on you.

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